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What to Look for When Hiring a Moving Company?

Moving homes entails a lot more than just packing and unpacking stuff. A person looking to relocate needs to figure out many aspects of a move that goes beyond the actual process of gathering belongings and transporting them. Making sure the property they are moving to is ready, the deposit has been paid, and every other thing is taken care of are enough tasks to take on by just one person. Therefore, many people look into hiring professional movers to simplify the process and get as much help as possible. With that said, recruiting a moving company ramps up the cost of a move significantly, but every dollar spent on it is money well-spent.


Letting professionals look after the relocation process, you not only feel a lot less burdened but also a lot more in control of everything. With all the heavy lifting in the hands of moving experts, you can make sure that all the other moving day activities are completed smoothly.


Some people might tell you to forgo professionals in favor of friends and relatives as doing so will save you a lot of money. Yes, it might save you some dollars, but it will render your move haphazard above all else. Therefore hire a quality moving team to have a glitch-free move. And here’s how you can judge whether a company is reputable or not.


Recommendations From Friends And Family

As convenient as looking for reviews online is, it can also be equally unreliable. What you gather off the internet can often be misleading; therefore, you should always ask people you know if they have had experience with a moving company. Personally, asking people will give you a much better insight into a company’s competence that online ratings would not.

Once you have a few names to look up, you can google them and see what the online world has to say about them. With concrete facts already in your mind (thanks to your relatives), you will be able to corroborate them with what you read on the screen. Hence, you will make an informed choice at the end.

Transparent Rates

When hiring a moving company, you need to ask for their rates. While movers cannot give you an accurate estimate over the phone, they can provide you with a lump sum amount based on your inventory they’ll be moving and the number of workers you’ll be hiring. But all those costs aren’t listed on a company’s website; therefore, you need to be direct with your words and clearly inquire about additional charges and how those are calculated.

One thing you should always be careful about is not to hire a company that’s asking for advance payment, especially more than 20%. Anyone can set up a website and claim to be movers. And once you send them the money, you might never hire from them again. So, never pay a deposit more than 20% of the estimate and always make sure the company you are considering has a physical address.


A Valid License

NEVER hire a company that doesn’t have a valid license. Only certified movers have insurance; hence will provide financial security for your belongings. If you end up hiring an unlicensed team, you might have to pay a lot more at the end of your move to recompense the damage to your stuff.


Always be thorough with your research when looking to hire a moving and avoid mistakes, such as hiring non-certified movers. Simply put, recruit moving professionals with a credible track record (that you can confirm from a relative), valid license, and straightforward cost calculation method.