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Tip for Moving Homes During COVID-19 | Moving Homes During a Pandemic

A lot of things are on hold as the pandemic continues, but some people just have to move. Whether it’s for new job opportunities, being closer to family, better interest rates, or better healthcare, moving homes during COVID-19 might be necessary, but it’s definitely tricky. There are plenty of ways to stay safe during the move, and Out of State Movers offers you a solution that can make your problems go away!

Here are some tips that you should follow for the move!

1. Select a Reliable Moving Company

There are plenty of moving companies out there, but you need to make sure you choose one that will respect safety protocols and social distancing rules for the job! You should make sure to discuss how the move will take place and what precautions their team will take to protect everyone involved. Since guidelines are different in every city and state, you need to make sure that the movers are adequately prepared for the project.

2. Get All the Supplies in One Go

Shopping trips need to be as limited as possible during the pandemic. When you are moving homes during COVID-19, you need to make sure to get all the supplies you need in one go. Out of State Movers provide an option where a team comes in with their own supplies and does the packing for you. However, if you are doing this on your own, make sure to buy more than you think you will end up needing. You don’t want to run out and risk going to the store for a second time just for a few extra boxes or a roll of tape.

3. Clean and Sanitize (And Prepare!)

When you are leaving home, it is important to clean up and sanitize things like handles and doorknobs. This will keep the entire crew safe. You should also carry the cleaning and sanitization equipment with you so that you have easy access to them when you reach your destination. The first thing you should do when you enter the new place is disinfect everything! This includes doorknobs, cabinets, doors, countertops, plumbing fixtures, and handles.

4. Follow Safety Measures

Moving homes during COVID-19 means that you have to be mindful about washing your hands constantly or using sanitizers frequently. Make sure to wear efficient masks on your face and try to stay at least six feet away from everyone else.

5. Schedule Plenty of Time

Moving is a time-consuming activity, but it can take even more time during a pandemic. You should schedule the move with plenty of extra time. Things will definitely move slowly, but that is only because you are trying to keep everyone safe!

Out of State Movers have an expert team determined to adhere to safety protocols. They make moving homes during COVID-19 easier for homeowners so that you don’t face any unnecessary tension or stress during the process.