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Long Distance Moving Services in Arizona

Every year, thousands of people consider long distance moving out of Arizona. Long distance moves require a lot of planning to execute correctly. There are all kinds of things that you need to consider, from which removal company to use down to how you’ll manage and pack all of your belongings.

If you’re planning a long distance move out of Arizona, then your top priority is to avoid disaster. Planning your move carefully can help you stay one step ahead and save money to boot. So what should you do?

Pack Belongings For A Long Haul

If you’re planning a long distance move out of Arizona, then it’s a good idea to pack your belongings for the long haul. During long haul journeys, your possessions will be subject to a variety of forces which could damage them. You need to ensure that all of your delicate items are cushioned adequately and that they can withstand rough movements. Also, make sure that all of the individual items that you pack are adequately sealed. Tape boxes shut if necessary.

Get Insurance

During a long distance move out of Arizona, there’s a chance that your belongings will suffer damage. Insurance helps to protect you and give you peace of mind. Insurance is invaluable in situations where you are transporting valuable family heirlooms, such as jewelry, paintings, and breakables, like vases.

Inspect Outdoor Furniture

Modern outdoor furniture made from metal or rattan is generally robust against pest infestation. But some materials, like wood, can be susceptible. Before moving, it’s worth checking all your outdoor furniture to ensure that it is not home to insects. There are strict rules for moving insects and larvae across state lines.

Pack Your Mattress In A Box

Although you might be tempted to pack your mattress without any packaging, this is not advisable. If you’re planning a long distance move out of Arizona, then it’s worth spending the time required to put your mattress into a box. A box will protect it from damage and make sure that it doesn’t get bent out of shape before it arrives at its destination.

Don’t Pack Food

Although it might be tempting to pack food, like spices, it’s generally not a good idea. The reason is that food is likely to remain inside its packaging for a long time during long distance moving out of Arizona. It could be days, perhaps weeks, before the box containing the food is opened again, giving pests time to multiply.

Transporting food (and liquids in general) also increases the chance of spillage and damage to your other property. Oils, for instance, can leak out of their packaging and cover the rest of the items in a sticky sludge.

Know That It May Take Time For Your Stuff To Arrive

Many people move into their new homes before their possessions arrive, waiting for the removal company to deliver their things during the “delivery window.” Be careful with delivery windows with long distance moving out of Arizona: you could be waiting as many as 20 business days for your belongings.

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