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Long Distance Moving FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions for Interstate Moving


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Long Distance Moving Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Move Myself?

It can be hard work to move yourself – especially if you are moving a considerable distance. It’s never impossible, but wouldn’t you instead have the experts on hand to help you with what to do? From packing to loading and unpacking on the other side, you can move seamlessly when you have the right, professional moving company on your side. This long distance moving FAQ can help you to learn why using a company is so much better than doing it alone.

When Is The Best Time To Move?

The best time to move is when you need to move; but if you want to talk seasons, Summer is the best time to move house. You should be aware that it’s the busiest time for moving companies, so booking in advance is a smart decision. The Summer months offer great weather conditions, making it an easier relocation option. Moving in the off-peak seasons can be easier, purely because there is more scope for availability with the right moving company. It’s also easier to move in the middle of the summer, and midweek over a weekend.

What Is A Binding Estimate?

Binding estimates are the set price that a mover gives you, and it’s a legal agreement between you and the moving company that the quoted cost will be exactly what you are charged. You can still add services that you want to as you go along, with the costs due at delivery. All binding estimates have to be given in writing.

What Is A Non-Binding Estimate?

Non-binding agreements have the flexibility to change. Estimates should always be reasonable and accurate, and they give you a picture of the moving cost you could be paying. This will follow a visit to estimate your move for you.

Can I Pack Anything In The Drawers Of My Dresser Or Desk?

For the sake of courtesy, empty out the dresser drawers and the desk drawers if you’re planning to pack your own home before you move. Leaving the drawers packed can make the item much heavier for the movers, and it can be a safety risk with sliding drawers and shifting items inside. Movers usually won’t handle dressers or desks with full drawers, as they’re not secure enough to handle.

Will The Driver Load All The Boxes That I Packed?

Yep! It can always be tempting to step in and help, but the best way to help your movers is to indicate which items you want to load onto the van and let them get on with it. They’re professionals, and you hired movers for a reason; so micromanaging them isn’t going to help.

How Should I Pack My Waterbed?

You still want to move your waterbed, right? Well, it’s time to think of safety and security. To ensure your waterbed is moved safely, you need to drain it first completely. Vacuum draining a fibre-filled water bed is essential. Follow your manufacturer’s instruction for draining and packing into a box so that you don’t end up with a flooded house.

Can I Pack And Move My Plants?

House plants are living things and can’t be shoved into the back of a truck in the same way your furniture and boxes are. Before you move, check that your state doesn’t have restrictions on plants that you want to move – which does happen. Re-pot the larger plants into plastic nursery pots so that the pots won’t smash in transit.

What Should I Do With My Jewelry And Other Valuable Items?

If you have any items of high value, you need to let your movers know. There are some items that movers may not carry, and you need to make specific arrangements for if their insurance doesn’t cover it. The best thing to do is to have a conversation with your mover and go from there.

How Do I Prepare My Appliances For Moving?

Before you move, get a qualified trades professional to come in and disconnect your appliances for you. Movers cannot be held liable for damages if there are any issues encountered, so try to disconnect your own appliances and get them prepared before they show up.

Am I Protected Against Loss Or Damage While My Goods Are In Transit?

For the most part, movers often offer three types of protection for your goods in case of damage or loss:

  • Limited liability – basic coverage as required by law.
  • Added valuation – allows you to collect the current value of the damaged item minus depreciation.
  • Full value – covers the cost of replacement items or repair.

Before you get any insurance, check your homeowner policy to see if you are covered in transit.

How Do I Prepare My Home And Myself For Move Day?

Try to have your boxes secure and labelled with the right room for your movers to put them in the correct place at the other end. You should also ensure that you provide unobstructed access to the home and enough space in front of the house for the loading part of the move.

How Will I Know Where My Shipment Is Once It Leaves My Home?

We can allow you to trace your shipment and your driver with a special link. Give us a call today and ask your relocation consultant for more information on this.

How Will I Know When My Shipment Is Going To Be Delivered?

Before delivery, you’ll get a call to let you know that your goods are going to arrive. It’s best to provide both a cell and home phone number so you can be reached.

How Much Does An Interstate Move Cost?

The cost of an interstate move depends on the number of boxes and furniture that needs shipping as well as the distance you are planning to go. Get in touch with one of our relocation agents today for a full quote for your interstate move.

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