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Long Distance Large Appliance Moving Tips

When preparing for your move, you will find some items are much easier to pack and organize. Books, clothing, décor items, and other smaller objects are easier to pack into storage boxes. But, the same can’t be said for larger items and appliances.

It’s normal to feel confused or overwhelmed about how to safely move large (and expensive) appliances without damaging them on the way. Keep on reading for the best large appliance moving tips.

1.      Disconnect All Appliances

Generally, moving companies do not deal with hard-wired appliances or those connected to gas – dryers or stoves. This is usually because movers are not usually certified technicians to handle these types of appliances. Therefore, it’s best to hire qualified professionals prior to your moving to ensure all appliances are safely disconnected. Doing so will also save your time on the actual day of moving.

2.      Clean and Defrost Your Refrigerator

According to experts, you should unplug your refrigerator a day before your moving day. This will give your refrigerator a substantial amount of time to adjust and prevent leaks on your moving day.

Additionally, make sure to disconnect your water line and check that it’s completely drained. Once everything is disconnected, clean, and dry all the shelves to avoid the formation of mold and mildew.

3.      Wrap All the Electrical Cords

Don’t forget to wrap all the electrical cords of your dryer, refrigerator, washing machine, or any other large appliances. Tight them up using a tape or a rubber band to avoid any sort of nuisance while preparing for the move.

4.      Separate Racks from the Oven

This will help move the large appliance easily.

When separating racks from your oven, make sure to clean them at the same time. Also, remove or tape knobs for safety and security. If you have a gas stove, then don’t forget to remove surface grates. Have a technician to disconnect a gas line if need be.

5.      Clean and Dry Your Dishwasher

Leave your dishwasher for at least 24 hours to dry out completely. Afterward, remove each and every rack, shut off water and electrical supply carefully, and disconnect the water line and drain hoses. You can either store the hoses inside the dishwasher or tape them separately.

6.      Secure All the Appliances Professionally

For a 100% safe and secure move, use the following equipment for your appliances:

  • Furniture pads
  • Appliance dolly
  • Appliances straps
  • Sliders

Moving large appliances can be tedious work, so make sure you have enough time on hand for careful packing.

You can also hire a professional moving company to help you with your large appliance move. For more details, click here.