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How to Move a Piano from One State to Another?

Moving houses is a hassle in itself. Add moving a piano to it, and the already herculean task becomes even more gigantic. It does not matter if you own a grand piano or an upright one; moving pianos means making a conscious plan and hiring a moving company that knows how to disassemble, pack, move, and reassemble your piano.

Moving such a heavy and sensitive instrument requires considerable planning, heavy lifting, and constant fear of damaging the instrument.

Points to be Mindful of While Moving Your Piano

If you’re attempting to move a piano by yourself, you should consider some important elements to ensure a safe move for you and your piano. DIY ideas are better left alone when it comes to moving pianos. Hiring a team of professional movers lets you sit back and relax because they know what to do, considering it is all they do every day!

Mapping and Measuring the Moving Path

The moving route inside the house might seem straightforward, but all of the potential obstacles must be considered. Measure any turns, stairs, pillars, doorways, and columns, comparing them to the measurements of your piano before starting the actual moving process.

Wrapping and Covering Before Moving

An awkwardly shaped piano is relatively safer to hold and move when wrapped up securely with cotton or plastic padding. This cover and padding protect the instrument from accidental scratches, broken legs, and lost keys. The heavy but delicate pianos are definitely safer under covers!

Using a Dolly for the Stairs

A heavy load such as a piano is a moving hazard, and if it tips while moving it up or down, it can not only cause injury to you and the other leaders but it can also break the instrument’s outer frame and internal hardware. Therefore, using a dolly to move the piano upstairs and downstairs while maintaining balance at all times is the safest choice.

Wheeling the Piano to the Moving Truck

Once properly secured to the dolly, one person should push it from behind while another guides it from the front. Others can help maintain balance by holding it from the sides. Using a plank to load the piano onto the truck is recommended by all piano movers.

Starting the Loading with the Piano

A heavy object such as a piano should always be the first item to be loaded onto the moving truck. Put it in the very back of the truck, leaning against the front wall. For added security, bind it with leather straps so it doesn’t tip over and fall, crushing the other cargo.

Unloading and Setting-Up

Use the steps and methods discussed above for unloading the piano and use a dolly to move and set it at its desired location at your new place. The professionals will reassemble your precious piano once it is moved to the place of your choosing.

Final Thoughts

It is recommended to let the piano rest for a few weeks before tuning. This time allows the instrument to settle into its new environment. Using a professional moving company to move your cargo will give you satisfaction and guarantee that your piano will stay protected throughout the move.