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How to Make Your Move Cheap

Moving is no easy job. It takes time, effort and MONEY. Lots of money. If you thought moving was an inexpensive affair, you were terribly mistaken. There are many different expenses that come up when you are moving, and it is enough to make your pockets run dry for a bit.

We would suggest you save up for a while before your big move so that you have enough to be able to afford it. However, there are a few things you can do to cut down on the costs of moving and make your move cheaper.

Declutter First

You don’t need to carry your old, almost damaged chest of drawers with you. Nor do you need so many shoes. It is always a good idea to declutter before moving. Have a yard sale or donate your extra, unnecessary stuff to charities. Not only does it make the move easier, but it also significantly cuts down on the moving expense. Lesser stuff would take lesser space to be transported.

Reuse Packing Supplies

You don’t need to buy packaging material exclusively. You can simply reuse the stuff around the house. Start saving up on things. The bubble wrap that came with your glass set, or the carton that housed your TV when it arrived. Repack your possessions using all the extra packing material around the house instead of buying new ones.

Negotiate a Relocation Package

You can talk to your boss at your new workplace and try to work in a relocation bonus that would help you have some money for the move. Most workplaces do offer relocation packages and are understanding of how much it costs to move.

Enlist the Help of your Friends

What are friends for? Why should you have hired help when your friends can do the job for you? Call your friends over to help you pack and transport your stuff. With a group of 5-10 close friends and family, you can easily pack up, load and transport your stuff. You can treat them to pizza and some beer to show gratitude for their assistance.

Hire Affordable Movers

Moving is incredibly hard without professional help. Not to mention risky as there is a huge chance of things getting damaged along the way, which would eventually prove to be more expensive for you. If you really want to move your things safely but are restricted by a budget, look up an affordable mover that fits your criteria, like the Out of State Movers.

If you are on a budget and want to make the move as cheap as possible, don’t worry. Out of State Movers will respect and accommodate your reservations and work with you to come up with an affordable package that allows you to stay within your budget and also get you to your new home effectively.