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Five Basics of Relocating During the Pandemic

Moving out or relocating requires a lot of effort, especially in times of a pandemic such as Covid, things get more hectic. However, if you decide that you’ll be relocating in Covid or any other pandemic, we have a checklist you must follow for your safety and others. It is extremely important because the consequences we have experienced and seen are dire.

Things to Consider When Relocating During the Pandemic

Check The Customer Policy When Hiring a Moving Company

Since the last pandemic, it must be a part of the routine before hiring a mover to check the customer policy related to the work ethics in a pandemic. Such as will the movers reschedule if you are tested positive or what is their policy on following safety protocols in a pandemic. Ask them if they have experience in moving families during Covid. Always move with experienced movers who can take care of your stuff.

Update The Movers About The Test Results

You must update the company about your status as a healthy person by sending them your test results. You must also ask for the latest test results of the movers in return as well since they will touch your stuff.

Contactless Move

It is one of the latest trends to consider going for a contactless move to minimize human interaction as much as possible. If you are worried about your belongings, you don’t need to because moving companies like Out of State Movers are legally compliant and certified with federal and state laws, so the belongings are safe. You can contact the driver and the movers via text or video call to confirm about pick and drop of the belongings.

Disinfect Before And After You Move

Although you can have the option of contactless delivery, the movers will touch the stuff as they move it, so to keep them safe, you need to disinfect all the belongings a day before the move and not touch them again. Then, after the move is completed, you must disinfect the stuff again before touching it and wait a day to ensure it’s all clean. Make sure you clean soft surfaces more rigorously.

Wear Proper Safety Equipment On The Move

If there is no contactless delivery, you must have your masks to cover the mouth and nose and a sanitizer to clean your hands every 20 minutes. As a cautious person, ask the movers not to take off their masks so both the parties are safe.

If you are moving to an apartment building, then confirm about what are the safety protocols of the building during the pandemic from the building secretary. You must know who is ill on your floor at least. We wish that you relocate safely in these hard times.