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Expert Tips for Moving Houses

Whether it’s your first time packing the house or you’re a seasoned mover (home to a college dorm, dorm to the first apartment, first apartment to shared place with your partner), packing takes its toll on everyone. The concept of emptying your house of all belongings, hiring a moving company, and shifting to a new place is quite daunting.

The whole process might not seem easy, but these expert tips for packing and moving can save you time and improve your move.

1. Always Start Early

Once the decision to move has been made, start organizing everything around the house. Starting from surveying the removal and moving companies in your area. Fix a goal of packing 2 to 3 boxes every day till moving day. Start emptying your freezer. Pack your documents, such as banking, insurance, school, medical, and dental records, and keep them secure. Pack the fragile items with special care to avoid them getting damaged during transit. Arrange help for the elderly, children, and pets so you can focus entirely on shifting when it’s moving day.

2. Make a Checklist

A checklist will be helpful beyond measure throughout the moving process. Written or printed, a checklist keeps track of all tasks waiting to be done and helps you see where you stand in the day’s or week’s planning. Some examples of items on your checklist might include:

  • Pack the emergency kit
  • Set mail forwarding
  • Book a babysitter
  • Drop clothes off at the charity center

You can keep updating the list by adding new items you remember and crossing out the completed tasks.

3. Declutter

Moving gives you the perfect opportunity to declutter your belongings. Sort out everything you own, from furniture to utensils, clothes, shoes, and handbags. Doing this will make your move easy by manifolds. Throw away the items you no longer need or have the space for. Purge your closet, give away the clothes that no longer fit, the shoes and jewelry you haven’t worn in ages, and the out-of-style bags. Decluttering will help you get rid of extra baggage, which will help you control your budget while moving. Sell or donate the extra and no-longer-needed furniture to your local charities.

4. Start Packing

After you’ve sorted your belongings, get moving boxes and packing supplies. Start by packing an essential items bag. The items you’ll need during and immediately after moving will likely be:

  • Snacks for kids
  • Pet essentials
  • First-aid box with necessary medicines
  • Chargers
  • Change of clothes
  • Basic toiletries

Try color-coding them according to which room they’re supposed to be put in when you pack your boxes. Labeling each with the items placed inside also helps organize and unpack when you’ve finally moved. Use padding to secure the fragile items.

5. Moving Day

Plan out the day in advance. With kids and pets given in care of others, you should be able to focus directly on the tasks at hand. Communicate with the movers about your needs and let them take charge of the process to save you effort, time, and money.


Do not try to rush the loading process. You’re more likely to damage or break things instead of hurrying the process. Consult a trusted moving company in Arizona for a free quote.