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Carpet and Floor Protection While Moving Homes in Arizona

Protecting the carpets and floors while moving is vital. If you don’t make it a top priority, it can lead to a high chance of damage to the property. You will have to finance the repair costs for floor damage, which means more money going out of your pocket.

Hiring services for moving homes in Arizona can decrease the risk of floor damage and reduce costs for homeowners. Here are some of the ways in which you can protect your floors and carpet.

No Dragging

Dragging the furniture across the floor can result in scratches, dents, and even broken tiles. The floor surface will get damaged against the edge of whatever you are moving. It is better to carry light pieces like chairs and use dollies and sliders for the heavier pieces. Moving experts have such equipment on hand to make the move easier.

Furniture Blankets

Thick blankets can help to cover your furniture, appliances, or other heavy things that you are moving. This extra padding acts as a barrier in case heavy objects fall onto the ground.

Sturdy Blankets

Using strong cardboard boxes can contain the weight of the items you place inside. If you try to get free or old boxes for the move, they may be compromised from previous use. Expert movers can provide you with such key packing materials if you need them.

Reinforcing Boxes

Get good quality tape to reinforce the bottoms for every box to make sure they don’t break apart with weight. If the items escape the box and land on the floor, they could damage the floor. Overfilling the boxes can also increase the risk of dropping them.

Furniture Sliders

Furniture sliders can protect your precious flooring while moving heavier items. Sliders are made with hard rubber and plastic, which helps to eliminate the friction between the floor and object.

Rubber Wheel Dollies

Rubber wheel dollies are simply great if you want to protect your floors while moving. Professional movers have such equipment to make sure no damage comes to your belongings or the floor.


Doormats can reduce the entry of water, mud, dust, snow, and debris into the home. People are going to be entering and leaving the house a lot. All of this foot traffic means that the shoes are going to carry in all sorts of muck. Doormats can provide a nice level of protection for the carpets and floor in the home.

Out of State Movers are professionals who have been trained to ensure maximum protection of your property and belongings. They can bring the equipment you need to make sure moving homes in Arizona is a smooth process for you.