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6 Things to Keep Handy While Moving

Perhaps, the most frustrating part of moving is staying organized while packing. It seems like second nature to pack everything before you move to you don’t leave your belongings behind. But do you realise that right when you complete the moving process, you might need toilet paper? And even if that’s not the case, you will surely need a pair of scissors or box cutters. Thus, it is critical to keep a few things handy, and this post is all about it.

Find out six things that you need to keep handy while moving.

Pair of Scissors

Do we need to emphasize the importance of scissors or box cutters? You need them right away to open the boxes. Make sure you keep it handy. It is best to keep them in your handbag but don’t forget to wrap them in plastic wrap to avoid damaging your bag.

Phone and Laptop Chargers

By the end of the busy day, your phone’s battery would likely be dead. And imagine the frustration of knowing that your phone charger is hidden deep inside of the boxes. Avoid this frustration by keeping your phone and laptop chargers handy. To avoid any inconvenience, it’s a good idea to place your chargers in your laptop bag.

Toilet Paper

You may not agree, but it is indeed one of the most important things that you need to keep handy while moving. Only when you have a few rolls of toilet paper handy can you save yourself and your family from a lot of inconveniences.

Toiletries for the First Day or Two

You must also keep toiletries for the first few days handy. You can keep a separate bag for carrying your shampoo, soaps, toothbrushes, and toothpaste so you can stay fresh and functional even while you are living in the boxes over the next few days.

Personal Bag

We also recommend keeping a personal bag handy that includes all the essentials that you might need right when you move to a new place. Your personal bag can include a bed sheet, pillows, pajamas, and any medications you regularly use, so you don’t have to dig through the boxes.

Pet Essentials

Last on the list is pet essentials. They don’t realize the hassle of moving, but they feel the stress of relocating to a new environment. Lower the stress levels by keeping all your pet essentials, including food, toys, and bed, handy.

We Make Moving Convenient For You!

Now that you know the things you need to keep handy while moving, you can leave the rest upon us. Out of State Movers, operating as Starfleet Movers is a team of professionals dedicated to make the moving process convenient and stress-free for you. Contact us now for all your moving needs.