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5 Tips for Moving in the Summer Season

Moving is exhausting! Packing everything, arranging for transportation, loading and unloading boxes, and then unpacking stuff, that’s too much effort, and a lot can go wrong! But sadly, there is no other way to go about it; you have to go through the laborious relocation process in order to get a fresh start. With that said, the tiring moving process can get all the more tiring if you choose to do it in the summer season when the sun is fiercely blazing down your back. However, there are ways that can save you from some of the unnecessary hassles of relocating in the summer.

Here are five tips to make a summer move less sweaty and more efficient.

Plan Ahead and Hire a Moving Company

You may feel that you can manage everything on your own and don’t need to hire professional movers, but when you will realize the error in your judgment once you start your relocation process. A professional moving company can significantly reduce your workload and make your move extremely efficient and streamlined. The oppressive heat in the summer can wear you out even when you are not doing anything. Therefore, don’t test your stamina by doing all the heavy lifting yourself and instead get in touch with a competent team of movers.

Don’t Move on a Weekend

Weekends are the busiest when it comes to moving. Most people choose to relocate at the end of the week. So, avoid doing that and instead take some time off from work and move midweek. It will save you ample time and allow you to set up your new home during the weekend. But if you move on a weekend, you will have to resume work and not get time to unpack. You’ll then have to go another without unpacking and wait for the next weekend. So, the best approach to moving would be not to do it on the weekend.

Start Early on the Moving Day

The best way to outsmart the heat is by starting early on moving day. The temperature and humidity level in the morning is relatively bearable than in the afternoon. Therefore, when you decide on a date to move, make sure to get to work as early as possible. We would suggest you wake up at dawn and start putting everything together. Doing so will save you time and make it easier for movers to load boxes into the truck.

Turn on the AC in your New Home

You don’t want to enter in your new home and feel like you have entered an oven that’s been on for a while. To save yourself from getting broiled, turn on the appliances in your new home prior to moving.

Don’t Forget to Carry Water bottles

If you wish to relocate without experiencing dehydration, be sure to carry water bottles with yourself. And keep some for the movers as well.


If you follow our five summer moving tips, we promise you’ll feel a lot less burdened and stressed. And one caveat to keep in mind, you might have to pay a little normal than routine to the moving company. But that’s okay; it’ll be worth it.