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5 Most Common Moving Mistakes and Ways to Avoid Them

Let’s admit it – moving can be quite stressful and overwhelming. There’s so much to do – planning, organizing, packing, and so on, that it can cause people to stress out.  When preparing to move in an anxious state, people tend to make small mistakes along the way. They do not realize that these mistakes can have a huge impact in the long-run.

Read this blog post to discover what those common moving mistakes are so that you can avoid them and relocate without any hitch!

1.     Doing Packing at the Last Minute

Packing is not something you can leave it to do at the eleventh hour. It’s not a mindless job that you can finish it off within minutes. It needs careful planning and organization. For instance, you have to carefully decide how you can pack precious items safely, how to pack glass items so that they don’t break during the move, what items can fit into a cardboard box or a shoebox, and so on. To think through all these aspects, you need time, and therefore you should ideally start packing several weeks in advance.

2.     Not Labeling the Boxes

You may pack items in a hurry and forget to label the boxes. This won’t seem a biggie at the time of packing, but once you have to unpack, you will face a lot of problems.

With the boxes labeled, you will know which boxes need to be opened first and what items need to go where. In this way, you’ll be able to set everything in an organized manner.

3.     Not Carefully Choosing a Moving Company

It’s foolish to pick a moving company randomly. You need to ensure that the moving company you choose has the necessary skills and resources to carry out the tedious job, i.e., moving.

If you don’t know of any reliable company, it’s best to seek help from people you trust – your friends and family. Ask those around who have recently moved and had a safe, comfortable experience.

4.     Packing Unnecessary Items

Moving is a great time to get rid of unwanted items from your house. If you’re moving to a smaller space, de-cluttering becomes even more important. You will also have to spend less on moving. Plus, you won’t have to spend a lot of time packing as you may have to otherwise.

5.     Forgetting to take Measurements

Make sure you have taken the necessary measurements of all the larger items in your house – fridge, furniture, TV, etc., in advance. This is an important step as it will help you know if your furniture can fit through the door of your new place. Doing so will save additional stress and moving costs.


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