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We Are Out of State Movers!

When it comes to out of state moving, it’s never wise to leave it up to fate. A solid plan incorporates professional movers that you can trust to be on time, with the capacity to move everything you need, and specialist equipment for the most important, valuable and often unwieldy possessions you want to bring with you.

Out of State Movers offers a range of interstate moving services with the very best service you could hope for. With a reputation for being among the best state-to-state movers and a host of services to meet your individual needs, we aim to take the stress of out of state moving off of your shoulders. We know exactly how much effort it takes to plan a long-distance move for both residential and commercial clients. Read on to learn more about what we do and how we do it best.

Why Choose Us?

Choosing movers isn’t as simple as finding the first team to make the offer. You need to ensure they have the flexibility and quality of service that ensure they’re a help, not a hindrance. We’re dedicated to the utmost standards of moving. As such, we begin by taking the inventory of all the items being moved, determining the bulk and weight of move to provide accurate price estimates, as well as ensuring we leave nothing behind. We’ll walk through all the items with you to understand what you want on the truck in advance so we’re better prepared with the storage space you need on the day.

Not only do we have professional, vetted drivers, but trained packers if you want us to take care of ensuring all your items are prepared for the move. There’s a range of equipment ready for us to move specialist items, such as pianos, without any damage, as well. We’re a fully certified company compliant with all federal and state regulations, too, so you know your goods are in hands that know what they’re doing

We don’t offer false guaranteed quotes, providing contracts with clear terms on what you will pay and how much it may move if you need additional services or have more that needs moving that you didn’t anticipate. Lastly, we don’t ask for a large deposit before the move. You don’t have to pay Out of State Movers a thing before the move is complete and you’re satisfied with your services.

Services We Offer

At Out of State Movers, we have a range of services that can help you make exactly the interstate move that you need to. Our basic interstate moving service includes the professional drivers and suitable vehicles to help you carry all you need, with different options available depending on your needs. With interstate moving, you require more security. More time spent on the road means a greater risk of items shifting, so we take the further measures needed to secure your load and add any padding essential to protect the items.

We regularly help homeowners move all their furniture and appliances with a lot more peace of mind, but we also have the equipment to move more demanding and specialized objects. Heavier objects like safes can be a big ask for local moving companies, for instance, and many of them don’t offer piano moving services, but Out of State Movers is able to handle all of them. If you have any extra large or unusual items that might be more demanding, ask us about them and we can prepare the equipment and measures needed to keep them secure and undamaged.

Out of State Movers even helps with interstate vehicle moving. You might not be able to bring your car on the journey with you, or you may have more than one vehicle and not enough drivers to move them. We have access to auto shipping vehicles so we can make sure that your wheels are waiting for you at your front door when you arrive, if not arriving shortly after you do.

Besides a host of services for residential moves designed for those making the transition from one home to another, we also have a range of business and corporate moving services as well. From furniture to office equipment, machinery to documents, we are able to help ensure all the business essentials make it to their destination, whether it’s going to new premises or storage.

Long distance moving stats out of AZ

Out of all the states in the US, Arizona sees plenty of people crossing its borders for out of state moves. The majority of long-distance moves see people coming into Arizona, rather than leaving it. The state experienced the fourth largest population growth with 122k new residents, contributing to a 1.7% population growth through interstate moving alone. That figure accounted for roughly 60% of all cross-country moves, which means that roughly 81k people also moved out of the state in 2018 alone.

Out of all movers in the US, the most common reason that people go out of state is to relocate to a new or better home, making up for 19% of all surveyed in a recent census report. 11.5% are mostly younger people, establishing their own household. The third most common answer is for family reasons, at 11.3% and new jobs or job transfers make up for 9.9% of all long-distance moves. Of all states, most move from Arizona to Nevada, with New York and Louisiana being other popular choices.

Regardless of your reasons and where you’re heading, you need a reliable interstate moving company to help, and Out of State Movers is just the team to take up the task.

Why You Should Hire Us Vs. Do it Yourself

When it comes to local moves, many think that it’s more cost-effective to simply move it themselves. That’s debatable even with moves over a short distance, but it’s even less correct when applied to interstate moving. Here are just a few of the reasons that you should hire Out of State Movers rather than attempting to make that big interstate move today:

  • Moving your possessions by yourself may not be as cheap as you first expect. Many tend to forget that toll costs, packing materials, fuel costs, and even vehicle rental can factor into trying to DIY your move. We cover all those costs, as well as the extra security and convenience that a professional moving service can offer.
  • Working with Out of State Movers can dramatically decrease the overall time it takes to manage the move. Not only can we help with the transportation, but also with the packing and loading of all items, so you don’t spend hours on either side of a long drive doing it all yourself.
  • We’re fully aware of the risks of long drives, including bumps and shifts over time that can lead to items falling over and sustaining damage. As such, we bring with us equipment that can secure and pad your goods to ensure this doesn’t happen during the journey.
  • Most would struggle to move heavy objects like pianos and safes from one end of the house to another, and that’s before you have to take it outside and load it onto a vehicle. With access to stabilizing trolleys that can go up and downstairs, as well as an expertise on how to safely move much larger, potentially dangerous objects, you don’t have to worry about that.
  • Many attempting a DIY move will rent their own truck to manage all the goods they need to transport. However, the handling, braking, turning, and merging of such vehicles can be more demanding than you might think, especially if it’s your first time driving one. This can lead to unnecessary damage as well as a real risk on the roads. Our trained, certified drivers ensure that any of those risks are mitigated as best as possible.
  • As much as we can do to secure your goods, unexpected accidents can happen. We offer both basic liability and full-value protection for all your assets. If anything is damaged in transit, we can ensure you don’t lose any money as a result. If you try moving your goods yourself, you’re going to be eating the costs of any damages.

When it comes to safety, convenience, efficiency and even cost-effectiveness, there’s no doubt that using a professional cross-country moving company like Out of State Movers is always the right choice. Weigh up your options and contact us to learn more about what we provide.

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